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Doki Doki Literature Club Endings

With a game like Doki Doki literature club, alternate endings definitely offer you directly to the surface. There are a lot of ways in which you can actually make the game to end. Taking about the game, we are sure that you are on loggerheads on how the game could have possibly ended. 

What are the alternate endings all about

The various games that are releasing these days are loading with some really interesting features. One of the most looked after and sought-after features or part in the games is definitely alternate endings. 

Doki Doki Literature Club Endings
Doki Doki Literature

After doing research about the subject we have concluded the possible ways the game could have ended. We took into account the choices that the players would have made and narrowed the endings to three possible outcomes. 

The not so good ending, the ending everyone likes and last but not the least the ending that you never expected.

The Not So Good Alternate Ending

This ending is probably the one that you will end up with. This ending doesn’t require any kind of special procedures. You are bound to face this ending no matter the dialogues that you choose in the gameplay. There are some minor changes that you can do to the gameplay to get into the bad ending.

Do not reload any saved files 

In the scene cut with Yuri, press skip advancing to the next phase 

When you reach the end of the game, you will definitely have a fair share of scenes with Monika. All you have to do is delete her character file and that is the most you need to do. 

When the title screen is visible, select the new game option. Click to play until you have got the ending that you wanted.

The Alternate Ending that everybody likes (The best ending)

Now, this the ending that you will be looking forward to if you are playing the Doki Doki literature club. This is the ideal ending everyone looks for in a game. If you are a gamer who would like to end things on a perfect note. This is the alternate ending you are looking forward to. Here are some of the things that you would have to end up with the best ending. 

Make sure that you have deleted your already existent game files if you are replaying the game. Also, make sure that you make the required amount of saves to get to the best endings. 

Doki Doki Literature Club Endings
Doki Doki Literature Club Endings

Make sure that you find all the CG images before you proceed. This leads to the deleting process of the Monika character files. 

Play normally till the poem construction path and save the game to this point. After this, you need to cautious as the paths of each character splits. If you play your cards right you usually connect to wind up with the alternate best ending. 

1. The path of Sayori

  • While writing the third poem with Sayori, make sure you put the words in the poem liked by Sayori. If you look forward to creating poems with words that she doesn’t like you to lose the ending. Keep an eye on her icon as it will jump up and down on like words by her. 
  • When you get a response from whom you would help with the festival, Select Yuri.
  • When Sayori is in a conversation with Yuri, choose the dialogue as “I Love you”
  • Get the CG image of Sayori hugging you and reload the save immediately. 

2. The Path of Yuri

  • Follow the same procedure as you did with Sayori by choosing words Yuri likes for the poems. 
  • The options of dialogues are up to your choices until the “I Love you” pops up. But this time don’t reload the save. 
  • When you prompt to delete the Monika character, don’t do it immediately. All you have to do is wait! And when Monika stares at you after she asks you to write a poem for her. That is where you delete the image character file.

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3. The path of Natsuki

  • The procedure stands the same here, create a poem with words of Natsuki’s interest. 
  • Select Natsuki for helping out with the festival 
  • Reload your save when Natsuki leaves after Sayori arrives.

The ending no one knows (The alternate special ending)

This ending is something no one would look forward to. All you have to do is delete the character file of Monika. Adding on, when you start the new game. This will lead you to a new opening. 

The only way to get back the game to its normalcy is by reinstalling the game from scratch!

Why such a craze?

Novel based games have been sort of a recent trend and has a lot of fan-following over the days. Doki Doki literature club is definitely one of them. The game is based on an American visual novel that has a lot of elements that make it a fun game to play. 

This game is released in 2017. Moreover, it had a wide audience response with many gamers in the community accepting the trend of the game. The choice-making skills of the gamers are highly intriguing with each level of progress depends on their choices. Such games over a period of time gathered a lot of attention. 

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