defeat the regent in persona 5

How to beat the regent in Persona 5

Welcome back to another edition of a walkthrough in Persona 5. This edition covers up on the details on how to beat the Regent in persona 5. This scenario arises once you pass through the second palace. This palace will be the first achievement for you to get into this walkthrough!

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try locating the regent
locate the freaking monster!

This more a part of the game, because this scenario unlocks after you reach the second castle in Persona 5. Once you get into the castle, you need to pitch up against the treasure demons. These treasure demons are hard nuts to crack. But once you have your deal with them you will be rewarded generously for sure.

The deal is you need to defeat these monsters at all costs. There are a lot of treasure demons you need to deal with where the Regent is your first demon. This regent in persona 5 is one of the weakest demons you would encounter after which the challenges get tricky. The regent may seem like a big task at hand but its pretty simple to defeat it. This walkthrough will help you with this task.

How to deal with the regent in persona 5

The regent is the easiest enemy that you can locate in the game. The regent is kind of located around at any part of the game and it is almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location of the regent. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you always need to look for the weak spots of the regent. The weak spot of the regent is that they are highly weak against Psychic and Nuclear.
Keep this in mind when you play the game and this is the only way you can bring the regent down to its knees. The advantage of battling with these monsters is that you can make them work for you. All you have to do is to defeat them and prompt a hold-up. The regent is one of the easiest monsters you can get to your side. The monster would join your force if asked almost immediately.

use your persona wisely to get the regent!
bring him down to your knees with your persona!

What do you need to take into account when dealing with a regent in persona 5?

The regent is hands down the easiest monster you can deal with within the game. But there are some key points that you need to note before you proceed with dealing with the devil itself.
• They are incredibly rare to locate within the bus. The probability of them appearing to you is in the AYTA BUS PATH where they are located after you scout the place for a particular amount of time across all the floors.
• Once the monster appears, start attacking the weak points with no second thoughts.
• As I mentioned earlier as they are immune to Psychic and nuclear make sure you choose a persona accordingly. The choice is yours. The time it takes to bring the regent to your terms depends entirely on the persona you choose to use.
• You can boost the appearance rates of the regent using the Treasure Trap Infiltration Tool.
• Remember, the demon is immune to bless and curse and the level of advantage the regent hold depends on the ways that you put the regent to use in your quests.

In conclusion, there are a lot of treasure monsters that can be of great use. It’s up to you to hunt them, bring them down to your knees and make the optimum use of their powers. also, check out our other exciting walkthroughs for persona 5!

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