6 Interesting Subnautica Mods You Just Can’t Miss

When it comes to game, we usually need everything perfect, well-organize and only pray of getting a distraction-free hour. While playing all you want is one thing, to move ahead step by step and reach the last level. More specifically youth is passionately taking interest in conquering every individual character. The A level and which is why it leads to boost the gaming industry at an exponential rate. It’s a gaming generation which we can’t get enough to urge our hands on the routine updates and upgraded version. Because the gaming industry is consistently making progress, and prevail gamers. They are making their move to upgrade their skills.

All every individual gamer is to looks for is new weapons, powers, and more about skills. The same like reader, gamers wishes how fast one can play to know the exact end of the characters. How they pray to establish a win in every particular level. Today we will talk about Subnautica, it is one of the most interesting games to carry. This itself allows players to unleash the mind in an underwater world. This moves forward while fighting against dangerous beast and tantalizing secrets.


So we at Techylift have come up with some really interesting yet exciting Subnautica mods that you can’t live without. Let’s us find out the reason behind why these mods of Subnautica creates craziness and excites we gamers to play.

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Maximum Quickslots

The gamer considerably get a lot of freedom and scope of opportunities to make customized Subnautica. It seems pretty weird, that Subnautica offers gamers six major quick slots to play. Especially when a player is able to collect slots. This mod of maximum quick slots allows you to grow your character points to gain maximum quick slots. The slot measures more than 12. 

This mod believes to have a few small changes and beneficially frees up the time as compared to similar play. It usually spend hunting for items. This can boost the productivity of character to move ahead and definitely becomes one of the best Subnautica mods.

Minimum Vehicle Attacks

Sabnautica’s Creative Mode efficiently allows gamers to reveal the mind strings of the deep dark oceans by their own whim. Blueprints and Materials are no longer requires for vehicles, crafting, and ocean bases. It requires an immense energy to operate and to avoid any damage in further levels. 

This can be pretty good for the gamers and character itself. Thus, they are looking forward to stay outside the vehicle. This can expect to explore and can stop enemies from attacking piloted vehicles. 

Basement of Clocks

Most of the times, the smaller mods creates most of the difference. This mod is an absolute combination base clocks mods. and Subnautica mods which pours in two major new buildables to the regular builder. In a very casual time, mod clocks showcases in-system time, in-game time to conclude your current status of system time. 

Customize the Food

Subnautica allows players a casual level of variety in-game items and weapons. There are always a facility of room for improvements and developments. This custom food mod adds 12 customized consumables: six cakes and six different types of juices. One of the coolest things about this mod is a gamer can undoubtedly change their colors, recipes, water, names, tooltips, and food. With the refinery of the food choices, this adds the weirdest reaction of layers to specifically customize the players. 

Prawn Suite Access

The Prawn Suit in Subnautica designes with the bipedal mechanical walker specifically for the use of zero-gravity. Subnautica efficiently allows players to move ahead with a pace and come up with their own customized beacons. This mod holds the features of several different variety of interchangeable arm-tools from drills to grab the openings. With this type of mod, gamers can change prawn upgradations while driving the prawn suit. This leads to save plenty of time of the gamer in moving ahead with the game.


This mod is one of the most effective examples of a small mod. It offers a vibe to a gamer a fun experience. This mod is highly recommends choices from Subnautica mods. Pressing the M key, the map is encloses with detailed view of routes. To open Ping Manager it requires a pressing of N key. A gamer has easy access to add their own customized tracks icons including wrecks, vents, heat. 

I believe this information is more than enough to you to play Subnautica and apply this mods while on game. If you have any additional queries regarding the game, all you have to drop your questions on Techylift. We will be much happier to come up with some additional research and information regarding Subnautica and its various hacks.

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