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subnautica cabin codes: Detailed walkthrough!

 Welcome to another exciting walkthrough in Subnautica. This walkthrough will cover the various Subnautica cabin codes that would help you in exploring the Aurora Ship. Well, there are a lot of fun aspects to exploring the marine world of Subnautica. The biggest attraction is exploring the aurora ship. The access to the aurora ship is to get the Subnautica cabin codes. Well, the only source you can get these codes are that one you read walkthroughs I’m providing you with now or go with trial and error method. Well, the second process is quite long and might eventually make you lose interest in the game.

 Before you access the Subnautica cabin codes

before you access the subnautica access code
The aurora ship!

           Well before you get into the ship to explore, there are some pre-requisites you need to make sure are there before you get into your quest. The first thing is that you need to wait for the ship to explode. The ship doesn’t present to yourself in ruins. The actual explosion of the aurora ship happens after you spend some significant amount of game time. You would get to know about the explosion.

  Now, the biggest challenge is to locate the ship itself. The aurora ship is located at the far-east side of the map and it would be a little easy to spot the aurora ship if you swim at the surface. Now that you have located the ship the next biggest challenge is to equip yourself with equipment that is kinds of mandatory to help you explore the ship. Now, if you feel this is a challenge the only thing you can do about the exploration does not do it!

Essentials for the exploration

explore with the essential requirements.
Exploration becomes easy!

  I have listed down various elements that you would need to get before you get into the exploration.

1.      Radiation suit

                             The radiation suit is kind of necessary for deep-sea exploration. The suit actually will prevent any kind of harmful substances or gases that might bring down your health bar at a much faster rate. So this is one of the important aspects of getting to start the exploration.

2.      Repair tool and laser cutter

                                      This will help you in various repair and fabrication work that will help you remove unwanted debris as well as help you in fixing up things once you are into your exploration.

3.     Survival weapons

                                          This category will help you in surviving the attacks of bleeders and potential threats in the exploration.

4.      Propulsion canon

                            This will help you in removing big debris and crates moving around inside the cabin. This will come in handy when you explore the underwater regions of the aurora ship.

5.      Sea-glide

               This is not a compulsion but this is just to ease the process of swimming continuously throughout the submerged section of the aurora ship. This will also help in saving time as well as your energy.

Once you have got through the requirements list, you are now ready to start your exploration.

The cabin codes

 There are various codes that you need to have to access the various cabins in the aurora ship. Some of them are:

·       Cabin No. 1: 1869

·       Captain’s Quarters: 2679

·       Cargo Bay: 1454

·       Lab Access: 6483

·       Robotics Bay: 6666

All you now have to do is locate the aurora ship and start exploring. As to find the good stuff I would recommend you to start with the lab area of the ship.

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